Noble Sweets, LLC.


Our Prices

* All Prices Subject to Change*                              
Pecan                             18.00
Apple                             20.00
Keylime                         18.00
Blueberry  (seasonal)     20.00
Peach        (seasonal)     20.00
Pumpkin                        18.00
Sweet Potato                 18.00
Chocolate Layer                     22.00
Chocolate Mousse                  24.00
Carrot                                     25.00

Cheesecakes: (10")
New York                                25.00
Red Velvet                               25.00                                          
Turtle                                       25.00
Pumpkin                                  25.00  
Peanut Butter Mousse            26.00

Priced  by the dozen depending on large or small sizes. Call  for selection and sizes.  Volume pricing applies if you are choosing cookies for a Cookie Tray. 

Cake Bites (Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, rolled into balls and dipped  in chocolate)
                      $8.00 per half dozen       $16.00 per dozen

Toffee           $15.00 per half pound    $25.00 per pound
Rose Water Baklava         $30.00    (approximately 30 pieces)
Smoked Almonds             $15.00 per one pound bag
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels or Marshmallows  $12.00 per dozen

Noble Sweets adds items to it's menu frequently due to seasonal or newly popular items. We have a selection of candies that we make for events and holidays or individual request. Please contact us to inquire about an available item. Most items can be combined into gift form and not listed items included. All custom items will be priced individually.
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